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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dismantlers receive enquiries from Sniffy Dog?
Sniffy Dog has built up a network of over 100 of the UK’s Car & Commercial Recyclers.

What guarantees do they offer?
Many offer 60 days and some parts come with 90 days or more. However, Sniffy Dog strongly recommend that you check what guarantee comes with your part/s prior to purchase.

Do I have to purchase the part if I make a request?
No – you are under no obligation whatsoever. Once a request has been made, our members will send you a quote for your consideration. You need not purchase any parts at all. However, we are confident you will find your quotes from our members to be extremely competitive.

What happens if the part is faulty?
Contact the supplier direct to inform them of the fault. The member will usually ask you to return the faulty part and either despatch a replacement or if they do not have one available, they will arrange for a refund.

How quickly are parts delivered?
Usually the next day, depending on the time you made your request and the day of the week.

What savings can I expect to make if I use recycled spares instead of new ones?
You should expect to save at least 50% of the cost of new parts.

What if you do not locate my spares first time?
Obviously, it would be impossible for every member to have every spare for every model of vehicle, however with a network of over 100 dismantlers, we usually expect 4, 5 or 6 to have one. It is of course possible from time to time that no one will have a particular part but as all members are receiving new stock daily, you can simply re-enter your request a day or two later and frequently, your parts will have become available.

How many request can I make?
As many as you like. Obviously if you are a private motorist, you will hopefully only need to make the occasional request for spares but if you are a trade repairer, you can use Sniffy Dog to locate them as often as you wish.

If you choose to purchase a part as a result of your Sniffy Dog Used Car Parts enquiry, please ensure that you take full details of the company that will be suppllying your part/s, including name and telephone number of the person you have been dealing with. Sniffy Dog will not be held responsible for parts, which are ordered and paid for but fail to arrive, or for parts supplied which are faulty, or not of merchantable quality or do not meet the description given. We recommend all customers to pay only by recognised credit cards and not cash.

Sniffy Dog Used Car Parts are in no circumstance liable for any purchases made via our web site location service and strongly recommend that you ensure you are happy with the terms of purchase as defined by the supplier.

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