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Falling asleep or getting a good night’s sleep has been a growing problem for a lot of people. It’s a fact that we need sleep every day. Without sleep, our body suffers a number of negative effects like mood swings, decreased concentration, irritability and an increased risk in developing a number of health problems.

When it comes down to it, sleep is an important part of our daily lives that we need to invest time for. Without sleep, our mind and our body suffer significantly. Sleep is the body’s natural rest and repair mechanism, allowing our body to recover the energy that it has expended during the day, revitalize the function of the vital organs and reinvigorate the cells for the upcoming day ahead. But how can we get the high quality of sleep that we need?

Sleeping pills have become a common solution for a lot of people. But these sleeping pills aren’t actually meant for “sleeping” at all. These sleeping pills are actually sedative hypnotics – medications used to induce a pre-anesthetic state or for calming down anxious patients. That means these supposedly effective sleeping pills shouldn’t be taken when you can’t fall asleep. They should be taken under the supervision of a licensed physician or nurse.

Sleeping pills are actually used for patients who will be undergoing surgery, putting them in a state of unconsciousness that would make the main anesthetic agent more effective in dulling the pain. You might not notice it but surgical patients never feel refreshed or rested when they wake up after surgery. That’s because anesthesia was never meant to make you fall asleep, it’s supposed to put you in an unconscious state. Though you might have indeed fallen asleep, your body doesn’t perceive it. That is why most patients after undergoing surgery still feel exhausted. These sleeping pills are made from various chemical components that are harmful to the body when taken in significant amounts or taken consistently. That’s why we see people attempt, whether successfully or unsuccessfully, suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.
If that’s the case, what can I use to fall asleep easier? If you don’t want the adverse effects of sleeping pills, why not use something that’s safe and effective? The answer lies in Binaural Beats.

The Beginnings of Binaural Beats

Just what are Binaural Beats? These are tones that possess sounds or frequencies that stimulate brainwaves, inducing you to undergo a state of reactions. Depending on the level of frequencies that each tone stimulates, a certain effect is obtained. For example, it can bring a state of relaxation or concentration at different levels.

This happens because the brain produces a reaction from the low frequencies it detects from pulses, tones and amplitudes when two different tones of varying frequencies are introduced to each ear by using headphones. The combination of these two sounds creates a level of frequency that induces a brainwave state.

It was back in 1839 that Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered the binaural beats. While his findings were published, the research on binaural beats continued because of their wondrous effects. It was then that Gerald Oster identified and gathered information on the erratic findings since the research of Heinrich Dove. Oster saw the potential of binaural beats in terms of its benefits. It was a powerful instrument in conducting research on the cognitive and neurologic aspect of the brain and also a deeper understanding on the principles of acoustics.

Gerald Oster saw the potential of binaural beats in the field of medicine, particularly as a medical diagnostic tool. But it didn’t stop there. Oster also saw the possibility of using binaural beats, not only in identifying auditory problems, but also using it for treatment or management of several neurological conditions.


What Can Binaural Beats Do?

Aside from being a solution to your sleeping problems, whether you find it difficult to fall asleep, remain asleep or prevent from waking up constantly, binaural beats deliver a lot of beneficial effects that you may find magical at first but is actually backed up by extensive research that has been done for several years already. Without having to worry about chemical components like those found in sleeping pills, you can be assured that binaural beats can help you get a good night’s sleep.

● A world where you can feel all the time in the world is yours. You can achieve a state of inner peace where you can feel relaxed, rested and your stress just melts away. In this state, you can maximize the optimum effects of meditation, making you happier, more energized and more relaxed.

● Unlock your true potential and allow your imagination to run free, maximizing your creativity and inciting inspiration as you go on a journey.

● Establish a deeper connection with your friends, family, significant other, people that you have yet to meet and of course, the most important of all, connecting with your true self.

● Achieve better health, both mentally and physically, as binaural beats can help you relax and revitalize both your body and your mind.

● Find answers to certain questions in your life, discover your hidden self and achieve a more profound sense of fulfillment than you can find throughout life.

● Binaural Beats promotes empowerment that enables you to become more confident, more energized and exhume positivity, allowing you to pursue success, attract wealth and focus on formulating solutions to certain problems.

The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to Binaural Beats. Without having to rely on medications that can put your health at a great risk or false hope in solving your problems in treating insomnia or just getting a good night’s sleep, Binaural Beats has become an answer for a lot of people.
You don’t need to spend a lot of cash, unlike other sleep therapies that you can find in the market. All you need to do is play a customized audio that will induce a state that you want, a pair of headphones and a comfortable place where you can relax. Indeed, Binaural Beats have become the light in the darkness when it comes to getting you the relaxing sleep that you deserve.  Load more